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The strength of the Rao IIT Academy, is its expertise and knowledgeable ability, carefully selected to maintain the best teaching standards. They are a repository of sound credentials and are well aware of the IIT-JEE test pattern and students’ requirement to deal with challenges with confidence. The intelligence team is committed to backing up the objective driven by RIIT; to bring the right solution to the most challenging IIT-JEE, improve student achievement and find a path that will lead to excellent results.

Our Faculties

The belief that Grab Classes has been built within Varanasi since 2010 ensures that only the most reputable teachers with a proven track record are selected as Grab Classes Faculties. As a student of Grab classes, you will benefit from the integrated knowledge of some of the leading institutions in India.

In Grab classes students are seen as the spark of divinity and teaching as a devotional service in the words of divinity. The combination of spiritual values and modern technology is the way. We assure you that our mission at Grab Classes is to prepare students for life with a rational mind, a positive attitude, and a spirit of goodness supported by strong academic excellence.

To succeed in today’s world of cutthroat friends, one must have a special strategy, well-directed by experts. Grab Classes is a pool of such professionals, operated by highly trained Iitians and Mexicans. The level of success of our students and their response enhances our efficiency. Empowering students to build strong ideas to make them more confident in dealing with any future. The goal in Grab Classrooms is to develop Courses, Tools, and Resources to provide “Power for students to do their best”.

Our teaching method follows a systematic approach that provides the learner with all the skills needed to climb the ladder of success. We help his disciples build solid foundations. Any problem can be overcome if the foundation is solid. In any competitive trial, this is the most important thing to focus on. Undoubtedly, our ingenuity is well-known for this.